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Tufted roller brush

The many combination possibilities of brush material, filling and density make this tufted roller brush extremely versatile for a wide range of applications in various industries.

  • Optimal flexibility in drill patterns
  • Large variation of filling materials possible
  • Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we are able to advise/produce the most appropriate roller brush for your application
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    With the tufted roller brush you are selecting one of our most versatile products. In numerous industries and in various applications this brush is used. Because of the many combinations in brush material, filling and density, tufted roller brushes and discs can be a solution almost everywhere. The core material, the filling material, the drilling pattern and the diameter of the holes are dependent on the application. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and graphic industry, the brushes have to be chemical proof. While in other industries other characteristics are important, such as wear-resistant, flexible, robustness etc.


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    Use the parameters below to configure your desired tufted roller brushes. Is the correct dimensioning not listed? Then choose a specific request.

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    • KD Core diameter
    • D Bore diameter
    • L Length
    • VM Filling material
    • VD Bristle diameter
    • BD Brush overall diameter



    • GH Goat hair
    • MF Mexico fiber
    • PA6.12 Polyamide 6.12
    • PA6.6 Polyamide 6.6
    • PBT Polyester
    • PH Horse hair
    • PP Polypropylene
    • RI Rilsan
    • VH Pig bristles



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